Social Media for Awards Shows

Award shows have been popular for centuries, and as we enter Award Show Season we see how much impact social media has on events like the Oscars, Grammys, and Golden Globes. Through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat we are able to watch, share, and relive all of our favorite moments seconds after they have happened. Actually watching award shows has become less and less important with the influx of social media coverage. So much so that the MTV Music Awards actually saw a decrease in TV ratings for their 2015 awards show while their social media ratings set records. Award shows are succeeding because of social media big time so take a look at some of the best award show social media to date.

Adele’s Performance: Grammys 2016

Adele’s much anticipated return to the Grammy stage was a bit of a letdown, but still amazing because it’s Adele we are talking about. The sound system didn’t seem to be working right and people took to Twitter as soon as it happened. Her performance quickly became the most tweeted about thing at the Grammys this year. Some tweeters had some funny things to say.

Lady Gaga's David Bowie Tribute: Grammys 2016

With the passing of a music icon came a tribute performed by Lady Gaga partnered with Intel as a sponsor to promote their new technologies. This tribute was talked about endlessly on social media for the good and the bad that it was. Before the performance even happened Lady Gaga gave the world a look at what to expect on stage through her Instagram account getting fans already talking about what was to come. After the lengthy performance social media was a buzz. Social media conversation included a not so pleased tweet from David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones and many fans accusing Intel of using David Bowie’s deathas an outlet to promote new products. Intel's negative publicityended up ranking No. 5 on Facebook, No. 8 on Twitter, and No. 3 on Instagram. The power and presence of social media during this awards show heightened the awareness of Intel as a whole, butpossibly not in the direction Intel was expecting.

Ellen DeGeneres' Retweet Record: Oscars 2014

Ellen who was hosting the Academy Awards tweeted the acclaimed selfie featuring Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and other stars that caused Twitter to go down for more than 20 minutes after reaching 3.4 million retweets. This viral moment brought the Academy Awards to everyone’s attention and left them thinking “That was us, right?”

Taylor Swift being interrupted by Kanye West: MTV VMAs 2009

Let us not forget this insane award show moment when Kanye West took it upon himself to let everyone know who should have won Video of the Year. This was before Taylor Swift knew how to stand up for herself and this video spread like wild fire through all social media outlets. YouTube videos were shared, GIFs were created, and Twitter arguments ensued.

The reach of award shows because of social media has grown immensely. Twitter lets us have an instant play by play of the evening. Instagram lets us see back stage photos posted personally by celebrities, and Facebook and YouTube let us re-watch performances and speeches minutes after they air. All of these platforms add to the Awards Show experience by letting viewers interact and share their thoughts about what happened. This newfound interaction has brought award shows to a whole new level. With the Oscar’s right around the corner we can expect social media to have a large impact on the success of this awards show.

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