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Luck or fate- call it what you’d like, but there is no doubt things would have gone much differently had this incident occurred under any other circumstances. On May 22nd, Dr. Michael Murphy, MD of Mount Auburn Hospital, and Matthew O’Connell, 54, of Winthrop, were both driving through East Boston. Dr. Murphy noticed a car cutting a few people off, assuming it was just “another Boston driver,” he initially ignored the reckless driving. It was not until he watched the car come to a slow stop on the side of the shoulder, without having used its break lights that his emergency care intuition kicked in. Dr. Murphy rushed over to the car, and found Matthew O’Connell unconscious in the driver’s seat, clearly experiencing cardiac arrest. Dr. Murphy called 911, and performed basic CPR on Mr. O’Connell- actions that ended up saving this man’s life. Matthew O’Connell is forever grateful for Dr. Murphy’s quick and intuitive response, claiming he would be a “dead man if it weren’t for him.”

Click any of the links below for some of the coverage we got on this great story.


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