Goodbye From Our Intern, Courtney!

Internships can be brutal. They’re long, sometimes unpaid, days filled with getting coffee, making photocopies and basically doing the things no one else wants to do. Unfortunately, some internships offer little to no educational value. That is definitely not the case at Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group.

When I started as an intern at A/P, I was expecting to do the things most interns do. I was fresh out of college and an internship at a small PR firm would look great on my resume. I decided that if I had to deliver Starbucks and pickup sandwiches for 3 months, then that’s what I would do. From the moment I walked in the door, however, I realized this was not at all what I would be doing. I was immediately put to work. I was making media lists, pitching reporters, doing event listings and helping run the various Food Truck Festivals. I was genuinely contributing to A/P and learning a lot along the way. One of my favorite projects was working on Holiday’s on the Green at The Pinehills in Plymouth, MA. It is an annual holiday event that includes pancakes with Santa, horse drawn carriages, artists selling their handmade goods, and cookie decorating. I was given a lot of responsibilities and assignments at this event, which shows just how much A/P trusts their interns.

All in all, today is my last day interning at Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group. My 3 month commitment turned into 9 months, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to intern here. I was never asked to do something that an employee themselves wouldn’t do. I gained real world experience, made wonderful relationships, and I’m more prepared than ever for the next chapter in my life!


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