4 Things Men Will Never Understand About Fashion

Fashion in today’s society is very tricky business. Everything from tops and bottoms to dresses, shoes and hair accessories are judged by others, the toughest critics being men. Here are some fashion trends and styles that men will never understand:

1. Uggs:

They’re cute, practical, and most importantly, comfortable. They can be seen on almost every girl on a college campus in any color or style combination. They are a staple in any wardrobe, but men still can’t seem to understand why women would wear such big, bulky boots. Why? Because they’re like walking on clouds.

2. Oversized bags:

In reality, who needs a bag the size of a small suitcase? The answer is every woman in the world. Having a big bag provides a sense of security. If you spill something on your shirt, you have a spare. If your flats start to give you blisters, band aids are fully stocked. If you need multiple charges for your multiple electronic devices, there is ample room to spare. Men don’t understand because all they carry is a wallet. But what happens when they need a stick of gum or the option to choose between 3 different types of Chap Stick? They start digging around in their girlfriend’s oversized bag.

3. Jeggings:

Are they jeans? Or are they leggings? Does it really matter? They’re as comfortable as leggings but have the appeal of jeans. Men can’t grasp the concept of combining both. It’s choose one or the other. But why choose one, when you can have both!

4. Heels:

They are the most confusing accessory of all. Women sometimes find themselves wondering why they torture themselves by wearing heels. Once they’re on and coordinated with the perfect outfit, they can instantly make someone feel taller and more confident. Men, on the other hand, are confused by the whole concept. Women can’t walk in a straight line, are wobbling/falling down all over the place, and complain the whole time while wear them. So what’s the point? Pain is beauty.

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