Typography - A Different Type of First Impression

When we think of typography we might not consider it an art, but it is; it is also becoming a science. Typography is the art of arranging text and type in a manner that makes the language it forms easier to read and understand. Typography is a language of its own. It takes studying and practice to master, and it can create an important emotional connection for the reader or potential customer.

Each time we type something, we are practicing typography whether we are conscious of it or not. It is always important to keep in mind the emotions you wish to provoke as well as the audience when choosing a typeface. Typography can be its own first impression. Good typography can add to the character of an organization as well as enforce the “one clear voice” or the mission of the company.

When representing any sort of brand, it’s important to give your constituents the most enjoyable experience possible when reading your content. Apart from simply choosing a font, research has shown that all readers read faster and have better comprehension when line spacing is set to 1.5. Also, 42% of Americans are near sighted, so using even a slightly smaller font could have a negative impact on their experience.

A study carried out on the New York Times website by Errol Morris confirmed that different fonts can impact our perceptions of truth. A separate study by MIT psychologist Kevin Larson proved the overall layout of a document could have a negative impact on the reader’s emotional state.

Contrary to the mantra that sticks and stones can break our bones but words can never hurt us, the layout of our words can. If not used properly, typography can impair perceptions of the message of a brand, or negatively impact connections with readers or potential customers. Typography is an art, and in an age of online media, it’s becoming a strong representation of the voice of a brand.

To read the article that inspired this post click here.


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