Scent Marketing as a new PR Tactic!

Scent Marketing is the new craze! It uses a particular fragrance as a defining aspect of a company's brand. The aim is to establish an emotional connection with a brand's consumers. For example, a business that transmits the right scent can prompt consumers to spend more time in their store - and this can mean more money spent! This can also be an effective way to draw customers into your store from the start. Scent Marketing acts as a new innovative way to differentiate your business from its competitors. Tons of well known companies are catching onto this new marketing trend and utilizing it to their advantage. Some companies include Starbucks and Johnson & Johnson.

Starbucks, for example, got creative with a display in grocery stores. Their new display delivered a coffee scent as you walked by. A small vent in the display had air blowing from it that transmitted the coffee smell, which ultimately drew customers in. Imagine walking through the store and getting a whiff of that delicious coffee smell... how could you pass that up?

Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson has done some innovative Scent Marketing of its own! The company launched a campaign in India called the "Power of Gentle" for baby powder. Local newspapers were infused with the smell of Johnson & Johnson's baby powder and a half page advertisement was put in place to connect the scent with the powder and the company. Who wouldn't want to read a scented newspaper?

This new marketing technique has become so popular that there is even a Scent Marketing Institute that acts as a global non-profit organization that provides companies with opportunities to grow their business with the help of scent marketing. Their goal is also to help expand the knowledge and use of such a marketing tactic.

Get your noses ready, this trend is going to be used everywhere before you know it!

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