Happy 1st Birthday Vine!

Vine just turned One! It’s amazing that it’s only been a year since Vine was introduced to the public, since it has had such a profound effect on branding. If somehow you don't know, Vine allows anyone to capture moments from their life and share them with the world in a short, six-second looping video. It also allows you to share these videos on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook!

This type of video sharing has become extremely beneficial to companies and their brands throughout the past year. Vine is quick, inexpensive and instant! It allows companies to start conversations with its followers and ultimately humanize their brand. For example, brands can show what it's like inside their offices and give insight to the people behind the company. This allows for the humanization of the brand which is highly effective in creating loyal followers. When Vine was first introduced, BuzzFeed created a video that gave its readers insight into their office and work culture. Specifically, the video shows BuzzFeed staff working, dancing and overall having a good time. It gives this already well –established brand a more humanizing image to its public.

Vine as a business tool will also help transition these loyal followers to brand advocates who now have a voice!

It’s simple and easy advertising! A fan of their brand or product can share their enthusiasm with the world and act as a spokesperson for their brand. With that being said, Vine also can get people excited about a new product and act as a way to promote contests. Contests allow customers to get excited about the company and its products! Vine allows for a more visual and interactive promotional contest to take place that would have never been possible a year ago. For example, Gogo, an in-air internet provider for business and commercial flights, used Vine to its advantage during a Valentine’s Day Giveaway in 2013. Gogo used Vine to give its customers a sneak peak of what the giveaway would include, which of course got its Twitter followers excited!

Ultimately, Vine has brought new opportunities to companies that a year ago would have been unheard of. In this day and age, its all about the clear and concise message. Vine provides companies an outlet to convey such a message in a visual manner! In it’s first year it already made quite an impact on the business world. Imagine it’s further impact a year from now!

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