The 3 S's of Sochi - Headlines That Are Overshadowing The Olympics

The Winter Olympics in Sochi have been all over the headlines lately but not for the usual reasons. Instead of chatter about who will break what record and which country will bring home the gold in what sport, talks of safety, toilets, and fashion are dominating the news stream. We have divided the irreverent issues into what we call the 3 S’s stealing the headlines:


Women known as the “Black Widows” are causing chaos and fear at the Olympics this year with their threats of suicide bombings in the name of loved ones who died at the hands of Russian Security. Instead of posters promoting the Olympics and rooting for their home team, the faces of these Black Widows are covering malls and department stores around Sochi. Russian officials also acknowledged that as of last week, only 70 percent of tickets for the Olympics had been sold. Are the Black Widows sucking the patriotism out of the Olympics?


Although safety is a main priority at this year’s Olympics, what about sanitation and personal space? Pictures of tightly packed toilets (Yes, you heard right! 2, 3, 4, 5, Toilets per stall!) have been circulating throughout the media, causing some to cringe and others to wonder what the big deal is. As a foreigner attending the Olympics, would you be offended? Or simply take it as an extremely awkward case of culture shock?


The Olympic gear this year, designed by Ralph Lauren, is causing quite a controversy in the world of fashion. The three piece ensemble is definitely putting back some of the patriotism that may have been lost because of the Black Widow and toilet issues. The sweater is covered from top to bottom in American flags, stars, stripes, Olympic symbols and pretty much anything red white and blue that Lauren could find. The pants.. well, sweatpants… are plain white with 2014 down the side, definitely nothing to brag about. The navy pea coat, however, adds a touch of class with a simple red stripe. Ralph Lauren has been a long-time sponsor of the Olympic uniforms, but is it time to let another designer take a chance at designing them?

All in all, the question remains: Are the 2014 Olympics in Sochi worth attending? Between safety threats and toilet issues, it might be better to watch from the comfort of your own home

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