Love Seeking Celeb or Brilliant Marketing Idea? You Be The Judge!

Who wouldn’t want to be matched with a celebrity on a dating site? Maybe it is kind of a let-down when you realize the profile isn’t actually for said celebrity, but actually for a fictional character on one of their TV shows. But that’s got to strike some intrigue into your heart, right? Especially if you come across Mindy Kaling’s character Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project.

Tinder is a hot new dating app that matches people who are nearby each other. There has been controversy over whether Tinder works for actual dating or just hook ups. Then suddenly people were being matched with characters from The Mindy Project whose profiles encouraged users to check out the show. (More about that here.) Marketing ploy? Maybe. But if no one else can seem to agree on how the app should be used then why shouldn’t Mindy use that to her advantage?

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