Fat & Racist? Hear The Controversy on Mindy Kaling's Elle Magazine Cover

This week Elle revealed four possible covers for their February issue and immediately received ‘racist’ and ‘fat-ist’ backfire. Amy Poehler, Zooey Deschannel, and Allison Williams all have colored covers and were cropped at the knee, while Mindy Kaling had a black and white close-up. People were up in arms about Elle portraying Mindy differently since she’s a minority and the size of the average American woman. Mindy’s got class though; she defended her cover on Twitter and told the world how glamorous it made her feel. She definitely looks that way.

Here at A/P we love, Mindy Kaling! We think she’s sexy and are pretty impressed with the way she handled the controversy. It’s pretty bizarre to this debacle ‘racism.’ Mindy’s cover is classy and we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it on all the front of all Elle magazines next month.

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