P U B L I C   R E L A T I O N S

When you come from the media – as Aigner/Prensky’s two principals do – you can spot a story a mile away. So when we create a story, it’s always newsworthy. News can’t be bought, but it can be made, and that’s where Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group comes in.


At Aigner/Prensky, we practice public relations as professionals – with credibility and pro-activity. Some of our best contacts are reporters and editors, and there’s no way they would take our calls if we weren’t providing real news leads.


Public relations must consist of newsworthy stories. If you think of public relations as a service to reporters and editors, just like wire services, results increase and relationships stay solid and credible. And, yes, in the end, news coverage helps to sell via third-party endorsement by someone (a reporter) who cannot be bought.


Public relations: It does make a difference who’s doing it for you!

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