P R O M O T I O N S,   A D D E D   V A L U E,

&  P A R T N E R S H I P S

If you understand marketing, you know that you can often create a new program just on the strength of an idea, while sometimes you need the economic weight of your advertising budget behind it. Either way, if you’re spending money, you should be asking for more for your dollar. And, if you’re not, Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group should be asking for you.


Promotions and added value programs are more than contests and ticket giveaways. They can be multi-level, they can draw on other partners to enhance visibility. They can invite celebrities, they can involve on-air personalities. They can involve prizes. They always consist of creative additional ways of reaching people. If people tune out your ad, perhaps you can reach them with a creative promotion or added value program.


If done correctly, these programs usually do not cost extra. They’re based on creativity and the mutual goal that you share with your partner – offering more to your customers. Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group uses these marketing tools exceptionally well. Let us hear what you’re doing now. We’ll tell you how you can do promotions, added value and partnerships even better.


“Added value and promotional programs and partnerships are great ways to extend marketing budgets and achieve additional visibility.”- Anne-Marie & Janet

A D D E D    V A L U E


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