A N N E - M A R I E   A I G N E R



Anne-Marie Aigner believes that anything is possible. Never say never. She also firmly believes that there are two kinds of people in life: those who tell you why it cannot be done and those who tell you how they did it. The word “can’t” is not in her vocabulary.


When Anne-Marie founded Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group in 1984, her goal was to apply her 15 years in broadcast journalism to marketing. For decades, she had investigated and reported the news, now she wanted to help make the news.  And she's done just that through public relations, special events and creative marketing programs.


Anne-Marie often says, "Janet oversees the PR and I oversee what we call 'everything else."  She got that right! Anne-Marie hatches the big ideas that feed our PR machine.  She creates and oversees the agency's major events and is a master at detail.  In writing about our food truck festivals, The Boston Globe aptly called her a "Lioness of Logistics."   Is she ever.  Big events don't intimidate her...they rev her up.  But sometimes it's the little things that Anne-Marie does that truly define her.  She's one who buys the birthday cakes, waters the plants, picks up a balloon for a staffer who's had a tough day...little things.  Since she started the agency back in 1984 she always vowed to never "be so big I can't empty the garbage," and she's been true to that goal ever since.  But, the most important assets she brings to the agency are her vision, her instincts, her passion and her insatiable drive.  


Email Anne-Marie at annemarie@aignerprenskymarketing.com

J A N E T    P R E N S K Y    



While Anne-Marie drives Aigner/Prensky Marketing Group, Janet Prensky keeps the engine tuned. Two complementary personalities with one shared goal: Success for their clients.


Their roles at Aigner are well-defined. Anne-Marie creates the overall blueprint for the client, and Janet ensures that the blueprint becomes reality. Anne-Marie meets with the clients and media quarterly or monthly. Janet speaks with them daily. While Anne-Marie oversees the events staff, Janet oversees the public relations staff.


A former radio talk host, traffic reporter and radio sports talk show host, Janet has spent the greater part of her career talking for a living. She’s also a good listener, knows when to speak and to whom, and turns those skills into unique results for Aigner’s clients.


Email Janet at jprensky@aignerprenskymarketing.com

L E S L I E  C I P O L L A



As an Army brat, born in France and raised in the D.C. area, Leslie can call anywhere she rests her head home – but it wasn’t until 2011 when she decided to truly settle down. A phone call, fifteen years in the making, had finally arrived. After what felt like an endless amount of begging, Janet Prensky called, offering an Account Executive and Events Specialist position here at Aigner/Prensky.


With many years experience as Marketing Director at various radio stations throughout Boston, Les is a seasoned veteran in the field. Her primary client is The Pinehills, a charming New England village located in Plymouth, MA—she provides them with all of their marketing needs. For Leslie, there’s no better feeling than seeing a project through from start to finish.  Her clients count on her creative eye and calm disposition to guide them swiftly through the marketing and event planning process.


When things in the office get hectic and the pressure is on, Les remains cool, calm and collected. Everything about her, from the way she speaks and the way she turns her head when you’ve got her attention, to the smug look on her face when she’s cracked a good joke, radiates a certain tranquility; and for that reason, she is an anchor of stability in the office.


Email Leslie at lcipolla@aignerprenskymarketing.com

C A I T L I N    G A M B E E


Caitlin brings an expertise of traditional media and blogger outreach to the Aigner / Prensky team. Over the last 9 years, she has worked with a diverse range of clients from leading biotechnology companies to professional sports teams. Her current focus at Aigner / Prensky marketing is growing and developing a fashion, beauty, and hospitality division. As a blogger herself, Caitlin has proven her dedication to the craft which is valuable in giving her clients an edge in connecting with these new age influencers.


Select companies that Caitlin has served to date include: The Boston Celtics, Dunkin’ Donuts, Boston Cannons Lacrosse, Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino, Cask n’ Flagon, Park Plaza Hotel & Towers, Boston Wine Expo, WEEI Radio Boston, Boston Magazine, RE/MAX of New England, Kombi Sports Ltd, Concave Sports, SodaStream, Lotuff & Clegg Leatherworks, Khombu Footwear, Black Diamond Footwear, Reckitt Benckiser, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp.


Email Caitlin at cgambee@aignerprenskymarketing.com

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